This is why I`m proud to be Latvian! :)

Latvian National Song and Dance Festival

This Baltic phenomenon is unique for all of Europe: the national song festival can be likened to the Olympic Games in music.
Latvians are very proud of their Song and Dance Festival. This significant event has been taking place since 1873, and each time it brings together thousands of the best singers and dancers from every region of Latvia. They are all dressed in folk costumes.

The celebration always unites the Latvian nation, strengthening its national pride. The Song and Dance Festival has never lost its significance and still helps to maintain the ancient tradition of singing and dancing in Latvia. The event is always held in Riga, with the gala concert on the grand open-air stage in Mežaparks. The impressive joint choir unites more than 13 000 participants. A magnificent parade of participants weaves its way through the city, and every resident and guest of Riga is on hand to watch.
In November 2003 the Song and Dance Festival – a tradition shared by Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – was proclamed (under the title Song and Dance Celebration) as the UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity which must be preserved and protected.

The XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival will be held June 30-July 7, 2013. You can read more information clicking here.


Latvian National Song and Dance Festival (there are more then 50 000 singers and dancers 😉 )

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